Reach Out to Port Commissioners

Your messages to Port Commissioners and comments at Port Meetings, held twice monthly, are powerful. Contact info for Port of Seattle Commissioners with sample messages and easy-to-follow info on how to send emails or to speak at public Port meetings are HERE.

Why it’s important to get Port notices

A Draft Environmental Assessment of the Port’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan, which contains proposals for mass tree removal in this community, is expected in 2024. Public input will be critical. Sign up here to get notice from the Port when that comment window opens and to be alerted to other government meetings regarding aviation impact on our community including the Highline Forum and SeaTac Stakeholders Advisory Roundtable (StART).

Sign the Community Forest Consensus

Join more than 3,300 other community members to call for protecting North SeaTac Park and surrounding community forest by signing the Consensus HERE.

Sign up for Port Notices

Get notice of important Port meetings and be alerged when public comment next opens for the draft Environmental Assessment of the Port’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP).

Sign the Consensus

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