Who are the Defenders of North SeaTac Park?

The Defenders of North SeaTac Park are all who join the call to protect North SeaTac Park and its recreational amenities and to restore and expand the guardian trees and forest ecosystem inside and within ten miles of this beautiful 200+ acre urban oasis.  The Community Forest Consensus is informed by the input of many community members, including those below, who call for securing North SeaTac Park as a park in perpetuity and for preserving and expanding tree canopy within ten miles of SeaTac International Airport to protect residents from disproportionate harm caused by airport-related pollution.

Steering Committee

Derek Beauchemin. Owner and Operator, Habitat Restoration Specialists, LLC, volunteer forest steward in North SeaTac Park derekb@habitatrestoration.com.co

Rob Bent, Biologist, pharma executive, dedicated to the Duwamish River watershed and surrounding lands

Beth Brunton, Teacher, Co-Chair of South Seattle Climate Action Network; Steering committee member of Pass the Federal Green New Deal Coalition of Washington admin@southseattleclimate.org

Dr. Sandra L. Hunt, Educator, Activist, Local Union Leader huntsl@live.com

Stephen Lamphear, MPA Founder and  founding President of the Board of Highline Botanical Garden; Burien City Council (1998-2005); Chair, Board of Supervisors, King Conservation District (1996-1998) stephenlamphear@gmail.com

Noemie Maxwell Volunteer forest steward in North SeaTac Park, librarian, member of People for Climate Action (Burien) and South Seattle Climate Action Network noemie_maxwell@yahoo.com

Anne Miller Educator, activist and mother. Anne is a founding member of the South Seattle Climate Action Network, Mt Baker Meaningful Movies and the Westside Environmental Justice Group.

Barbara McMichael Longtime South King County resident; former organizer of Highline Garden Tour; administrator of SoCoCulture's Engaging Trees Initiative BarbaraLMcM@gmail.com

Andrea O’Ferrall, Former elementary school teacher working as full-time climate activist: writing, educating, and protesting with a sense of urgency

Annie Phillips, Climate activist, hiker, grandma, retired education-outreach specialist at WA State Dept of Ecology

Where is North SeaTac Park?

North SeaTac Park and its community are at the geographic center of a ten-mile zone surrounding SeaTac International Airport where Public Health Seattle-King County recommends increasing tree canopy and green space coverage in order to protect residents from airport-generated pollution that shortens lives and disproportionately impacts health. Click HERE for maps and more info.

What Trees are at Risk?

Multiple proposals and “site specific considerations” within the Port of Seattle’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) and Real Estate Strategic Plan (RESP) would commercially develop an estimated 107+ acres of mostly tree-covered land within and surrounding North SeaTac Park. Click HERE for maps and more info.

What is Tree Equity?

Trees are critical infrastructure that provide benefits everyone should have. They clean and cool the air, reduce flooding, lower energy costs, and are associated with reduced crime, improved mental health, and local economic vitality. Tree equity would mean that all people would equally benefit from the presence of trees in their neighborhoods. But, in the words of American Forests:  “A map of tree cover is too often a map of income and race — especially in cities. That’s because trees are often sparse in socioeconomically disadvantaged urban neighborhoods and some neighborhoods of color. The inequitable distribution of trees exacerbates social inequities.”  A Factsheet on Tree Equity within two miles of SeaTac Airport is available in ENGLISH and SPANISH.

Media Coverage

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