“The Port () states the Park is the culmination of a long term and very open planning process to compensate the area's residents for cumulative airport impacts. According to the Aviation Division, the Park is the best compatible use of a severely airport-impacted area.”

Most parks have friends groups. But the survival of this 200+ acre urban oasis is at stake. This park needs defenders

Those living near the park need defenders too. Because our health and well-being are threatened by Port of Seattle development plans.

In these neighborhoods, pollution from SeaTac Airport is linked to babies being born early and underweight, and people living sicker and dying years younger.

The trees here protect people from this pollution. In fact, Seattle King County Health Department has recommended planting more trees for this very reason.

But the Port plans the opposite. Until this summer, its Sustainable Airport Master Plan contained a proposal to destroy 11 acres of forested land inside the park and replace it with a parking lot. It dropped these plans only after 2,400 people signed a petition against them.

The Port has even more consequential plans in the works - commercial development that would destroy an estimated 100+ acres of forest in our community - over 30 of them within the park. These plans must not go forward.

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This page is under construction. A group of park friends are working on the consensus statement and will post it soon. If you are interested in helping in any way or being kept up to day, contact us at info@KCTreeEquity.org