Factsheet on Tree Equity Near SeaTac International Airport

Trees are a pathway to creating social equity, and the inequitable distribution of trees exacerbates social inequities.

The social healing properties of trees are especially important near SeaTac International Airport, where residents, according to a study by Public Health Seattle & King County, live in neighborhoods with “very low equity” when it comes to health and income. Research shows that trees, particularly conifers, capture ultrafine pollutants from airport operations, keeping them out of lungs and homes.

Public Health Seattle & King County recommends increasing trees and green space coverage near the airport to reduce human exposure to these pollutants.

Click on the image to see the full factsheet with citations. Una versión en español está disponible aquí

Tree Benefits Factsheet

All people deserve the lifesaving benefits that trees provide, especially in polluted urban and industrial areas. The trees in and around North SeaTac Park, a 200+ acre urban oasis next door to SeaTac Airport, protect residents from harmful airport impacts by:

  • Cooling homes and neighborhoods

  • Quieting noise pollution and reducing its impact

  • Protecting natural bodies of water and their wildlife from polluted city runoff

  • Reducing air pollution that causes higher rates of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases

  • Reducing stress and supporting mental health

  • Enhancing cognitive development and function

  • Absorbing climate disrupting pollutants

  • Decreasing flooding

  • Protecting and enhancing property values

  • Reducing energy demands for cooling buildings

  • The presence of trees is also associated with reductions in crime.

Click on the image to see the full factsheet with citations


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