Distance Considerations for Community Forest Consensus Moratorium

A moratorium on deforestation within one mile of SeaTac International Airport was first chosen for the Community Forest Consensus. This was based on the Public Health Seattle-King County finding that airport pollution impacts are the most severe within one mile of the airport - and on an assumption that this radius would include the Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP) (see page 14) and Real Estate Strategic Plan (see pages 17 and 23) proposals of most concern.

But, as shown below, that one-mile distance would exclude much of North SeaTac Park and at least two Near-Term SAMP projects of concern.

One-miles and two-miles north of the airport

This map snip, which uses Google Map’s distance measuring tool, shows that a moratorium on deforestation within one mile of the airport leaves out much of our area of concern. However, a 2-mile radius appears to capture the entire park and the development proposals shown in the SAMP (page 14) and RESP (page 17) documents linked to above.

One mile and two miles south of the airport

This map snip shows that a 1-mile radius apears to capture the entirety of the Port’s 200th St. development proposal, the only known Port proposal south of the airport, as shown in both the SAMP (page 14) and RESP (pge 23) documents linked to above. This proposal would likely destroy over 27 acres of trees.


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