In the summer of 2021, our community rallied against the Port of Seattle’s plan to destroy 11 acres of forest and bicycle trails inside North SeaTac Park for airport employee parking lot L06. Over 2,400 people signed a petition against this plan. In response, the Port withdrew this proposal from its Sustainable Airport Master Plan (SAMP).

Now, a core group, Defenders of North SeaTac Park, is working on next steps to defend the remaining forest lands and the waterways they shade both in and around the park. This is necessary and urgent because the Port’s SAMP and Real Estate Strategic Plan (RESP) contain proposals that would destroy trees on an estimated 100+ acres of currently undeveloped land in and around the park.

In order to defend our park and the health of the people living around it, and in order to protect our rapidly destabilizing climate, we call for a halt to deforestation within one mile of SeaTac International Airport, for permanent securement of North SeaTac Park, and for preservation and restoration of the community forests within the ten miles surrounding the airport. We invite you to become a signatory of our Community Forest Consensus and join us in this cause.

The ten-mile community

The North SeaTac Park community is adjacent to SeaTac International Airport. Therefore, we live at the geographic center of our larger, ten-mile, community surrounding the airport where research demonstrates that 1.) airport pollution is shortening our lives and causing higher rates of respiratory and cardiovascular disease and 2.) our urban forest, particularly the coniferous trees, protects us against exposure to these pollutants, saving lives.

We also know that the health of the ecosystems throughout Central Puget Sound Watershed, in which the North SeaTac Park community is located, are inextricably linked.

For these reasons and more, the interconnected health and welfare of the people and the natural resources in this ten-mile community must be addressed with a comprehensive approach.

Our calls for action are of game-changing significance. If they are met, our region will experience deeply significant positive change. They would also likely require a pause in the implementation of the Port’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan. This is appropriate. The Port, which is a special purpose government, has a moral responsibility of the Port to align its actions with its commitments to social justice, climate stability, and environmental stewardship.

We invite you to join our Community Forest Consensus and help bring our vision of a restored community and a responsive and responsible government to life.


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