Sunday, Aug 21st from 1-4 PM

Picnic Shelter at S. 128th Street and Des Moines Memorial Dr. S.

Gather to celebrate our beautiful 200+ acre park. Share cake, join in song and other activities, meet other park lovers

Sign the community forest consensus to protect our park and trees (right HERE!)

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Listen to Big Yellow Taxi redone for North SeaTac Park

North SeaTac Park will soon be 25 years old! Let's gather to celebrate and call for permanently protecting this park and its trees and play spaces against airport expansion.

Optional: bring your voice and (acoustic) guitar to be part of a great big Happy Birthday to North SeaTac Park song.

Community presence is needed at this time of both great peril and promise for the park. The Port of Seattle, which owns it, recently wrote that it has "no specific proposals" at this time to expand airport operations inside park boundaries. That's good news! But not good enough - because that can change quickly. Read more below about the community’s call to permanently protect this park which is at risk of commercial development.

How old is North SeaTac Park?


The SeaTac Communities Plan, adopted by the Port of Seattle and King County as Ordinance 2883, proposes the park.


First North SeaTac Park Master Plan


North SeaTac Park Master Plan Update: Tub Lake was to be restored.


The new City of SeaTac Names the park


Second North SeaTac Park Master Plan update


North SeaTac Park opens to the public in a dedication ceremony for the $5 million first phase of the park - at 220 acres, the second-largest park in King County after Marymoor Park in Kirkland.

Your presence is requested!

Defenders of North SeaTac Park is holding this celebration because we know that, the more that community members show up and call for protecting the park, the safer the park will be from airport expansion and the more likely it will stay park use for future generations. Plus, this will be fun!

Here are some of our concerns and reasons for hope:


  • The entirety of North SeaTac Park is zoned aviation commercial

  • A 55-acre portion can be taken out of park status "at any time"

  • The Port has, for years, had "conceptual site considerations" for expanding airport operations inside those 55 acres - including a parking lot and food innovation center

  • As part of its Sustainable Airport Master Plan and Real Estate Strategic Plan, the Port has proposals to expand airport operations on an estimated 75+ acres of mostly tree-covered land in SeaTac. This is in a community where Public Health Seattle & King County has recommended expanding trees and green space to reduce huan exposure to deadly airport pollutants. Read more and see citations on the Consensus page, where you can sign to join the call for protecting the park and surrounding trees.


There are reasons for hope, too, hope that our community presence can help bring to life:

  • The Port tells us that there are no current plans. That's a big improvement. As recently as last summer (before 2,400 community members signed a petition against it) the Port's Sustainable Airport Master Plan contained a proposal for an 11-acre airport employee parking lot iniside the park

  • SeaTac's Mayor Simpson, Deputy Mayor Negusse, and Councilmembers Egal, Guzman, and Kwon, have joined nearly 1,900 community members in signing the Defenders of North SeaTac Park Community Forest Consensus, which calls for permanently protecting the park and preserving and restoring the forest in and around it

  • Port of Seattle Commissioner Hamdi Mohamed has made it a budget priority to evaluate the threat inside the entire park from invasive weeds. This would be a very welcome step toward needed restoration for the forest within the park. Read more about the Defenders response to her statement here.

  • The City has initiated discussions with the Port on the possibility of the City acquiring the park in order to keep it a park "in perpetuity"

We are possibly at an historic turning point for preserving North SeaTac Park for future generations. We hope you can join us at the park to celebrate this moment.

See you there 🙂


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