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  1. Be a Defender by signing the North SeaTac Park Consensus and asking the community groups you affiliate with to also also consider this action. Write us at for more information.

  2. Comment at a Port of Seattle meeting

  3. Contact your elected representatives

  4. Sign up for Action Alerts - to help protect this park and community

  5. Take part in hands-on forest restoration:

  6. Sign up with the Port to get Notice on SAMP Actions Affecting Communities Around North SeaTac Park

Photo: One of the few elms left on Des Moines Memorial Dr. S. There were once 1,200 of these beautiful trees lining this street as a living memorial to the 355 men and women of King County who died in WWI.

1. Be a Defender

Sign the Defenders of North SeaTac Park Consensus which calls for:

  1. A moratorium on Port of Seattle plans to cut down 100+ acres of trees in the communities surrounding North SeaTac Park

  2. Securement of all 200+ acres of North SeaTac Park as a “Park in Perpetuity”

  3. Creation and funding of a plan to restore the health of the trees and forest that stabilize our climate and that protect the community within ten miles of SeaTac International Aiport from airport-generated toxics and climate-change related heat and wildfire smoke.

2. Comment at a Port Meeting

Port meetings are generally on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at noon (sign-in 11:30). Public comments procedures are published HERE. Speaking time is 2 minutes.

To deliver public comment during a meeting via phone or Microsoft Teams: Write to with your name and topic by 9AM on the day of the meeting. You will then be provided with instructions and a link to join the Teams meeting

To deliver public comment via email: Send your comments to All written comments will be distributed to commissioners and attached to the approved minutes.

3. Contact Elected Officials

Tell those who represent you know that we want them to take action to protect our park, forest, and trees. See the sample message on this page.

3. Sign up for Action Alerts

Use the link at the bottom of the page to get action alerts.

4. Join in a Forest Rescue Event

Non-native weeds dominate much of North SeaTac Park and trees are being lost. You can help turn back this tide and restore a healthy forest for our community:

6. Sign up for SAMP Notices

A National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Port’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan, which proposes significant tree destruction in this community, is expected in early 2022. Public comments will be accepted at that time.

Sign up HERE for the Port to alert you when that comment window opens. Fill out the form at the top with your info, then scroll down and choose the applicable options (Sustainable Airport Master Plan; and NEPA/SEPA Notifications.) Then scroll to the bottom and hit SUBMIT.

Sample letter or comment

The community surrounding North SeaTac Park is “highly impacted” by environmental health disparities - mostly due to pollution from the nearby airport.

In 2020, Public Health Seattle - King County reported that residents within ten miles of the airport live sicker and die younger. The closer to the airport, the worse the impacts. This agency recommended planting more evergreen, or coniferous, trees to protect residents from airport- pollution causing these health injuries.

But the Port’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan and Real Estate Strategic Plan propose to develop an estimated 75+ acres of now forested land in SeaTac outside of North SeaTac Park. And its 2020 Real Estate Strategic Plan recommends 340,000 sq ft of “aviation supportive use” on land now covered in trees and bicycle trails inside North SeaTac Park. All of this would be within about a mile of the airport. (

Please actively support the Defenders of North SeaTac Park Consensus that calls for 1.) securing the 200+ acres of North SeaTac Park as a park in perpetuity, 2.) a moratorium on Port destruction of trees within two miles of the airport, and 3.) Comprehensive Action to Restore the Ecology of North SeaTac Park and the life-saving and climate-stabilizing urban forest within ten miles of SeaTac International Airport.

A climate emergency is not the time and a highly impacted community is not the place to strip the land of trees. We can do better. Thank you.


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